The Park

100% Nature

A 100 hectares Masseria of woods and lawns in the calm Murge hills of the Itria valley between ilexes (quercus ilex) and secular oaks (quercus trojana). Stretches of evergreen pistaches (pistacia lentiscus), phillyreas (phillyreas latifolia) and Irish Caithne plants, green fields of hay and wheat, ancient dry walls and drinking troughs carved in the stone. An oasis of peace and calm surrounded by a vast and rich flora with the presence of different kinds of wild orchids, inhabited by the typical local animals: wild murgesi horses, Martina Franca donkeys, autochthonous sheep.

Paths of flowers and bushes run among the oaks in a wide area of wood, ideal if you like to walk in a real forest. With its intense perfumes and special colors in every season, the wood of the Iazzo Scagno Masseria in the Itria Valley is a splendid botanical reality, maintained and preserved to offer the experience of a particular and fascinating territory, the wild environment of an ancient Apulian farm. Everything reminds you and makes you re-live the way people used to live a long time ago.

A part of the cultivable areas have been planted for the production of raw materials useful for internal catering and more; Others are dedicated to: the Educational Garden,within which we “recount” about biodiversity; the 'Orto dei Semplici',which is a place reserved for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants (Hortus Simplicium).